Saving Severus Hill: Harry the Hedgehog Needs Your Help!

Harry The Hedgehog

3/11/20244 min read

Why is Severus Hill so special?

Severus Hill is not just an ordinary hill; it's a haven for a wide variety of wildlife. From colourful birds to playful squirrels, from tiny insects to majestic foxes, this hill is a thriving habitat that supports numerous species. It provides food, shelter, and a safe place for these animals to call home.

Among the many creatures that call Severus Hill home, is Harry the hedgehog. With his prickly exterior and adorable snout, if you've ever spotted Harry or one of his friends in real life it's always an amazing experience. But now, his habitat is at risk due to human activities and we have a chance to help him out.

Harry the hedgehog is in trouble! He lives on Severus Hill, a beautiful habitat in York. Filled with diverse wildlife and lush greenery. But now, his home is under threat, and he needs your help to save it!!!

The Friends of Severus Hill have come up with an exciting challenge for local young people to help raise awareness about the importance of Harry's home. Let's work together and make a difference this spring!

How can you get involved & help Harry this SPRING?

The Friends of Severus Hill are challenging local young people to create artwork, photos, or short poems that highlight the importance of preserving Harry's home, Severus Hill. Your creative expression can make a real impact in raising awareness and inspiring others to take action.

These artworks and words will be used to create stunning banners that will decorate the site boundaries, currently just ugly metal railings. Celebrating the wonderful site hidden behind the fencing.

Participating in Harry's challenge is easy, click the button below to get involved!

Let your imagination run wild and create:

  • A piece of 🎨original* artwork🎨
  • Take a 📷captivating photo📷
  • or write a ✍unique short poem
  • Perhaps a combination of two or all three...🎨📷✍

Your entry should showcases the beauty and significance of Severus Hill. Your creation could convey the message that we must protect this precious habitat for the sake of Harry and all the other wildlife that call it home. It could explore the historical side of the hill with links to the Romans, or its potential geographical wonders.

By participating in the challenge you can play a crucial role in raising awareness about the importance of preserving this habitat. Let's come together and ensure that Harry the hedgehog and his friends have a safe and thriving home for generations to come!

*All design must be original creations by the entrants. Any replication of other peoples works and creations will sadly mean we're unable to use the entry in our celebrations of the hill.



Become a Friend of Severus

Click below to find out more about our fundraising campaign to save Severus Hill and how a small donation will help us conserve the Wildlife, Environment, History and Heritage of Severus Hill.